About our company & team


Packaging coatings are important for anyone that is manufacturing a product. As it ensures that a product is protected, easily supplied, well promoted en customized for your brand and target group. Let us introduce you to our company and how we can help you with the perfect packaging coating match.

The Founder

Erik van der Schaaf started and sold multiple coating concepts and products and is, with 25 years of experience, a seasoned expert in connecting ask and demand in the coating industry.

He has built up a worldwide network of relations that can immediately provide tangible added value for anyone in the market for packaging coating.

The team

Our team exists of:

  • Customer succes managers.
  • A knowledgable advisory board.
  • Web and online marketing specialists.
  • An impressive rolodex with contacts and connections in the Benelux to match you with.

Our Customers

We are helping start- and scale-ups, small- and mid-cap size companies and family-owned businesses in need of packaging coating to give functional as well as aesthetic appeal to various products related to consumer goods, personal care, healthcare, chemicals, food & beverages, and other such industries.

The global packaging coating market was valued at $2,830 million in 2016, and is expected to reach $3,865 million by 2023.