Areas of expertise

Your starting point for packaging coating

We want to help you find the perfect packaging coating for your product from start to finish. Therefor we provide packaging coating information guides, trend resources and personal assistance in finding the right coating specialist. Find out more about our areas of expertise below. And if you cannot find the right category or need information about a topic that is not listed, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!

Beer and beverage can coating

Coating for the protection and decoration of beer and beverage cans (and caps).

Are you like many can-makers constantly seeking ways of making the package stand out from the crowd, more durable and/or cheaper?

Read our guides about:

  • Can body coating
  • Can end coating
  • Can rim coating
  • Can inside sprays and more!

Recyclable packaging coating

Biobased and renewable coating solutions for your packaging.

Design and produce packaging interiors and exteriors with extremely low carbon footprints. Learn more in our guides about:

  • Recyclable paper coatings
  • Coating for biodegradable food packaging
  • Coating to replace plastic packaging
  • Most popular coatings for eco-friendly packaging
  • And more!

Luxury packaging coating

Turn packaging from purely functional into a key part of your brand experience with luxury packaging coating.

In the world of luxury packaging, details matter. Create your sensory brand experience with luxurious effects like velvet, ultra matte lamination, embossed designs and more! Find your tailor made solution in our guides:

  • How to create a sensory brand experience
  • Most sought after luxury effects in packaging coating
  • The value of premium Luxury Packaging on your Brand
  • And more!

Coating for liquid packaging

Special coating used on the interior and exterior of liquid packaging (cartons).

Liquid packaging (like dairy cartons) is used used for short and long shelf life products. Coating for liquid packaging does not only protect liquid from the inside (barrier coating) but also enhances design, flexibility, look and feel and sustainability from the outside packaging. Learn more:

  • Direct application coating versus labeling on liquid packaging
  • Packaging coating for optimum liquid protection
  • Coating for liquid carton
  • And more!