How can you help me?

  • We can help you find and connect with the perfect packaging coating manufacturer, production line or coating expert.
  • We provide packaging coating information, resources and assistance.
  • We offer you non-binding expert advise about all available packaging coating solutions.
  • We can connect you with the brightest minds of the coating industry; wether you just need coating advice, coating inspection or a tailor made packaging coating.

All so that you can find the right packaging coating solution for your product!

Do I have to pay for your services?

  • No! All our services are free and non binding.
  • We have an extensive partner network of coating specialists, coating inspectors and coating manufacturers to connect you with.
  • Our partners pay us a monthly fee to stay in our network.
  • When you find your perfect coating solution our partner will pay us a commission fee.
  • This is a very common businessmodel in the coating industry.

You never have to pay for our services!

Is my inquiry confedential?

  • We will only ask you for basic information regarding your inquiry so we can make the right connection or give you the right advise.
  • We will never tell or publish anything without your explicit consent.
  • It is your own choice what you share with a coating expert after our non binding connection service.

We treat every inquiry with the utmost confidentiality. 

What are your response times?

  • When you place an inquiry with you we will contact you within 5 working days.
  • Depending on the complexity of your inquiry you will receive an answer right away, or we will seek contact with coating experts.
  • We will call or e-mail you on regular basis regarding any updates on your inquiry.

We aim to help you as quickly as possible.

Can I work with you?

  • We are always looking for certified coating manufacturers and specialists in packaging coating.
  • Contact us to inquire about our partner possibilities.
  • Do you have a unique packaging coating solution? You are welcome to publish business cases on our website.

Do you want to connect with packaging coating prospects? Contact us!

In what countries do you operate?

We operate in all of Europe and even globally.

  • Our company is based in the Netherlands
  • Our network consists of a few multinational coating manufacturers that operate globally.
  • We also partnered up with local specialists.