Luxury packaging coating

Introduction to luxury packaging coating

Your brand and packaging should match perfectly. Wether you opt for haptic luxury coatings like matte, leather, velvet or visual luxury in the form of expensive looking colors and finishes like pearlized, glittered or foiled. With the amount of options available we understand that your search can be confusing, technical and seemingly impossible. But with a little help from us and a little homework for you we will find the best manufacturer fit for your packaging.

5 steps toward perfect packaging coating for your luxury brand

The packaging is the first tangible experience with your brand and product. It might be what seduces your customer to look beyond the pricetag, to invite them into a lifestyle. So how do you create a perfect first impression with a irresistable look, feel and touch for your packaging?

  1. Have solid idea of what your brand represents, what your objective is, and your budget for packaging your product.
  2. Choose the right substrate. Each substrate type has it’s own benefits and downsides. Plastic is very durable, cartonboard very versatile, wood is sturdy and so on.
  3. Think about the structural design you want for your packaging. Does your product come in a square box or does it need flexible packaging?
  4. Do you wish the packaging to be recyclable and/or environmentally friendly? This might limit your options.
  5. Take the secondary packaging into consideration when designing your primary packaging. This might influence the packaging coating on the inside.

Working with the right print and packaging expert will help you decide which is the best fit for your luxury brand. We’d love to help.

Most common luxury packaging coatings

The following luxury coating types are most commonly applied:

  • Glitter coating
  • Matte varnish
  • Metallic sheen
  • Pearlescent coating
  • Raised UV coatings
  • Soft touch coating

Make an impression by combining the perfect substrate, structure, coating and finish.

UV coating for luxury packaging finishes

UV coating is a very populair coating choice for a variety of products. It offers a high gloss finish and brilliance to the finished sheet unlike any other coating method. This luxury packaging coating is not only beautiful, it also offers good resistance to solvents and abrasion in comparison to most water-based coatings. It’s often used for:

  • Perfume packaging
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Jewellery packaging
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Prestige beverage packaging
  • Consumer electronic packaging

Because of its high sheen, UV coatings are popular on a wide variety of products, including custom medical packaging, sales kits, marketing/ad agency kits and cosmetic packaging.